So glad you found your way to my little slice of heaven on wordpress.

My mission here is to inspire and motivate people to explore personal wellness as a tool that fosters balance in daily life.

My posts focus on the tools and resources I personally love and use. I share my own insight and experiences so you may be inspired today to get started tomorrow.

You’re sure to find plenty of women’s health, yoga and mindfulness with a dose of honesty and compassion.

I’m an ever-evolving human. My perspectives may develop and change with time. I will update posts as I become more aware of information and try new things. I encourage you to live life with an open mind and heart for transformation and variation. It’s so fun!

As I pursue a career in women’s and reproductive health, I am also excited to share my passion for public health and the resources I find useful to better understand the complex world of personal and public health management. My overarching goal for work is to be curious and involved in crafting creative solutions to the question, how can we make our world healthier for all?

If you have any specific recommendations for posts or questions, feel free to get in touch!